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Grand Gtrs # 4/2014 - review of ROZAWOOD BARITONE GUITAR


Our Baritone Guitar with the bevel was tested in this summer issue of German Grand Guitars magazine. Here is the file for all German speaking world ...

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Acoustic Magazine #95/2014 - Test of  TWENTY-EIGHT Dread


Our interpretation of legandary D-28 just tested in Acoustic Magazine #95 (issue August 2014).

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Grand Gtrs # 4/2013 - review of WOODSTOCK 000 12-fret


Our Santos Rosewood b&s 000 12-fret body WOODSTOCK guitar was trested in summer issue of German Grand Guitars magazine. Here is the file for all our German speaking fans ;-)

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AM WS Lady test

Acoustic Magazine #82/2013 - Test of WOODSTOCK Lady Curly Mahogany body


The new test of our WOODSTOCK Lady with Curly Mahogany body was published in the Special Issue #82 of the Acoustic Magazine. Perfect guitar, perfect result ... 14 stars from 15 again ;-)

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Reference for my ROZAWOOD Blues OM-45 Mastervoice


Since almost two years now I have become the proud owner of the ROZAWOOD Blues OM-45 Mastervoice, one of Roman’s true masterpieces. The back and sides are built from stunningly flamed old Brazilian Rozewood with a mastergrade tap-tuned Val di Fiemme Italian spruce top. The overall finish of the instrument with the beautiful abalone inlays are absolutely impeccable, making it an instrument of the highest possible specification. The guitar’s setting is perfect for the extra light gauge strings I’m using. The playability and the perfect sound balance and overtones between all strings is amongst the best I have come across in 30 years. The sound projection coming from this OM type guitar is overwhelming I must say, even  strung up with Xlight strings. The acoustic speaker system provides the player with an acoustic sound channel directed to himself without affecting the front sound projection in a noticeable way.

The guitar was built with the fingerpicking style player in mind, hence the attention it was given by Roman regarding the neck setting, low action, sound balance and overall playability. However the instrument also copes very well with light strumming without losing its sound quality.

The RW Blues OM-45 MV is the best OM type guitar I have ever played. It matches my fingerstyle playing perfectly and fulfils all my expectations I have as to what a perfect guitar should play like, feel like, look like and sound like. This instrument is a true gem in the acoustic guitar world, a genuine masterpiece built by a true Master Luthier. Needless to say that it will remain forever part of my collection.

Dirk De Clercq BELGIUM




Dear Roman!

It was at Sarzana Acoustic Guitar Meeting 2011 where I the first time played on a Rozawood D model. I couldn't believe to my ears. I left the ROZAWOOD stand and visited app. 10 other luthier's stands. Then I returned to ROZAWOOD stand: yes, what I have heard it was something new and a big difference! And what a difference! Playability, strength of the guitar. But the most important, the sound and separation! It was my discovery.

I have read for years a lot about luthiers, acoustic guitars, etc. on Rudi's TFOA pages. My experience confirms everything what Rudi writes on his pages about you Roman and your genius work.

As a result of that experience I ordered a custom Wizard dreadnaught with Brazilian rosewood and Adirondak and hide glue. After playing for months I have to confirm: the balance, playability, accurate and clear tune on every fret, deepness and the separation! I can compare the separation of my Wizard only with my exceptional Collings CW BR/A! Also: to choose BR was right decision!

I have owned more than 20 acoustic guitars (Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Breedlove, Goodall, Furch, ...). Rudi (TFOA) writes that Roman is one of the most impressive masters of luthier worldwide. No doubt about that!

Enclosed are photos of my Rozawood Wizard D BR/A and the photo of my Goodall Standard (Honduras ros. / Sitka) and Collings CW BR/A. My Wizard D BR/A stands right in the middle of my Goodall Standard HR/S and Collings CW BR/A.

Simplifying: if I want to combine my Goodall Standard and Collings CW in one guitar, I take my Rozawood Wizzard in my hands.

Thank you very much Roman!


Emil Mozetič, Slovenija


Acoustic Magazine #70/2012 - Test of BELLISIMO GA Kauri b&s with Bevel


In this file here you can find the all test of our unique guitar - BELLISIMO GRAND AUDITORIM with some 50.000 years old Antient Kauri b&s. 14 stars of 15, hope nice result … Thanks to the Acoustic Magazine for this file.

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Rozawood Grand Guitars 6 2011



Tests of three of our guitars - WOODSTOCK Smart, ARTCRAFT 000 14-fret & MASTERVOICE Blues in Grand Guitars magazine # 6/2011

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RD-91 Custom bought by André van Berlo


Dear Roman,  as of last friday I am a proud owner of a Rozawood guitar, purchased in  Bergentheim at Rudi´s shop "The Fellowship of Acoustics".  I arrived at his shop with a list of 20 guitars but the D-model was not on that list. After hours of playing and listening and having narrowed the  list down to 3 exceptional guitars, my eye fell by chance on your Dreadnought that I believe came from your custom shop with some extra  modifications done on it. The first tones I played felt like they touched my soul, it was like my being started to resonate with the sounds being played. That day I had played some remarkable guitars but I was looking for  a guitar that would inspire me and this guitar is exceptional in tone, looks, and feel!  I´ve played for 20 years now and the guitar has an amazing effect on my  creativity, it has the power of emotion, and it plays with such ease… All I can say is that I thank you for building this beautiful instrument and  thank god that I was able to buy it...  Whenever I want a custom guitar build in the future you will be the one to do so...  Sincerely,  André van Berlo


My ROZAWOOD RB-58 and Me


I just wanted to write a short email expressing my love for my ROZAWOOD guitar. I have owned a RB-58 for over a year now … and nothing else compares. I have played them all … from goodall to 15,000 dollar new martins. My ROZAWOOD blows them all away. I do production work here in CA, and I have used this guitar in many mainstream songs. I am constantly telling people about you and the beautiful instruments you make. It´s the least I can do for the craftsmanship you put into my guitar. Best of luck to you - Matthew Taylor



28.03.2013 ROZAWOOD Blues OM-45 Mastervoice Reference

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